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Frequently Asked Questions


While we make ensure that the assembly instructions are pictorial and easy to follow along, we understand that words can help explain. This is especially true for the dollhouses. Which is why, instead of just having the printed manuals in Mandarin, we have their corresponding English instructions downloadable from their respective descriptions in the product pages.

We are eagerly coming up with assembly videos to aid the assembly process too. Drop us a text if you can't find what you are looking for. 

The quick answer is Yes. However its not a priority of ours at the moment as we are highly everyone to do it. Drop us a whatsapp text to enquire further.

Having said that, we do encourage interested individuals to contact us so that we can possibly link you up with individuals who may want an assembled gift. We are building the 'Builder's Marketplace' for this reason. 

Yes we would most definitely want to bring DIY to your event if you think your participants will enjoy getting their hands dirty.

Due to the covid situation now, we can work on an online version of the workshop too!

Drop us your enquiry here 

Yes you can and we would most welcome that because we do have a large collection of displays here. As our main office is mostly a storage and administrative location, we would encourage you to drop us a text in advance if you are coming so that we can be prepared for your arrival.

Having said that, for your convenience, you can also visit our Partner Stores to get your items. Our partners will be able to place an order for you for collection at their location if they do not physically carry the item at the point of your visit so that you do not need to too far.


We love this question because we get to explain ourselves as to why
we go through the 
Trouble to 
Trouble our customers to go through the
Trouble at assembling a gift!

We at Blue Stone Craft believe that gifts are most awesome if self made.
With the ever quickening pace of the world, we thought we could help you 'slow down' time by encouraging you to sit down and craft.

Give yourself the gift of joy assembly gives you, and gift that outcome to a loved one. Or if you know of someone who will enjoy this joy of assembly, simply get them the kit. 

For sure, we all need to start somewhere! 

First, find one from Beginner or Novice then move your way up the difficulty level. Not certain if the item selected is doable, drop us a friendly text to build that confidence.

We got your back. Don't worry even if you meet any obstacles along the assembly journey, send us a picture or video, and our friendly staff will give you the advise you need to continue.


Whether the part got damaged/missing during transit or during assembly, we will do our best to get them replaced for you free of charge so long you got it from us, including our retail partners. You can either collect them at our main office or we can deliver them to you(which may take slightly longer). 

Don't worry, just drop us a text.

We provide free delivery islandwide for orders above $40, so long the location is not a restricted one.

Same day delivery is possible too. Speak to us and we will do our best to fulfil your urgency.