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Handemade Birthday Gift Ideas in Singapore

13 Mar 2020

Getting the best gifts for your loved ones is extremely challenging. This is even worse when you have a dear one that is rich and has enough money to easily purchase whatever they want whenever. When you try and you can’t get anything good out of the market, it is best to get them something that will make them happy. Something that has more sentimental value and is more personalized.

These presents can be gifts for your friends and family. It would be their birthdays and you want them to be extra special. It’ll be best you get them a present they would never get for themselves. By putting your special thoughts into the present, it’ll be a keepsake they’ll hold so far into the future.

Handmade birthday gift ideas for your loved ones in Singapore include the following;

1. Actspressions, Handpainted Calendars, and Planners

If you enter Monoyono and Kikki.K for planners, you would notice their planners are too damn expensive. It is best to get your planners from Actspressions. They are cost-effective and very cheap
You can buy handmade planners in different sizes at a very cheap price of about $20. Each hand is painted in very fine design. Their packaging is done very well and their attention to detail makes everyone who purchases feel very completely special.

2. Alfie de Meow Accessories that are cat-themed

For your loved ones who like cats, these handmade birthday presents are for them. Alfie de Meow sells handmade jewelry and human accessories like rings, key chains, necklaces and other beautiful presents your loved ones in Singapore would enjoy for a very long time.

You can decide the pieces you want down to everything including the size. The owner would give you a lot of choices all you have to do is select.

3. Tinee Dino Adorable Cards for Dinosaurs.

For your young loved ones who are fans of dinosaurs would enjoy the w and cute designs gotten from Tinee Dino. It gives cards that are personalized to a baby dinosaur enjoying a lot of adventures. The pieces are hand-drawn and there are no two exact copies. You could easily contact the creators and request the exact forms you want and easily get it delivered. Your ideas would be to inverted to beautiful dinosaur illustrations for the best birthday present.

The prices are quite cheap. From about $5 for laptop stickers, travel tags and cards. You could get special deliveries too and your loved ones would get their wonderful presents at their doorstep.

4. Ms Park Park – figurines made of clay

If you’re searching for a gift that your loved ones would go crazy about, this is the gift. Make sure you contact Ms Park Park. She professionally works on her fingers to make beautiful clay figurines that could be arranged to look like anyone you want. After giving her the photograph of what you need. Make your very own figurines of your friends, loved ones and anyone that is celebrating a birthday in Singapore. They’ll keep off for a lifetime.

They could even make ones that look like the superheroes of your loved ones. If they are kids of course. Either Wonder woman, Superman, Spiderman, whichever your kids desire it can be made.

The lists above show lovely and awesome unique personalised gifts ideas for your friends, family, loved ones and anyone special in Singapore. Surprise them today and watch the excitement in their eyes as they enjoy your special package.