Grand Pumpkin Carriage Light Model

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Grand Pumpkin Carriage Light Model

Grand Pumpkin Carriage Light Model

  • $39.90

**This is a DIY kit which requires self assembly. We present the Grand Pumpkin Carriage Light Model

POSTalk Light Model Series gives you a new experience of the Art of Giving !
This is the finest gift that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.
With the unique combination of advanced engraving technique and gorgeous lighting effect, it creates a romantic atmosphere which feels like home.

With the LED Light Module, create an impressive moment!
You can write down your feelings, memory, greetings and share it to your friends
From a flat to three-dimensional model is simple but outstanding.
All model requires little to no glue to assemble.

Package Dimension: 23.3 x 18 x 1cm, 0.1kg
Suitable Box: 9#


Occasion:Wedding Wishes

Difficulty:Novice (1 hour to 3 hour)

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